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ATPE RESOURCES FOR NEW TEACHERS YES TEXAS! The YES Texas! Advisory Council helps ATPE meet the needs of future, young, and new educators, and makes sure we deliver products that meet those needs. The council meets virtually once a month and in person once a year to discuss needs, ideas, and potential new programs. YES Texas! is just one of the many ways that ATPE works to provide the best chance for young educators to succeed in their profession. At their most recent meeting in January 2016, the YES Texas! Advisory Council gave recommendations for a pilot mentor program, a special session track for university students at the ATPE Summit, and a Facebook group where educators can share and exchange ideas and tips. YOUR FIRST CLASSROOM ATPE's free download, Your First Classroom, is a valuable "quick start" guide for new educators. It includes checklists for preparing for your frst day, tips on managing your classroom, strategies for communicating with parents, and more. Visit to download this essential resource. JOB RESOURCES Visit ATPE's Job Search Resources page at to fnd open positions in schools across the state. STUDENT LOAN FORGIVENESS Educators with certain types of student loans may qualify for partial loan forgiveness, loan deferment, or cancellation benefts. See www. Texas for more information and to fnd eligibility requirements. morning can be hard, for her, the rewards of volunteering at a local elementary school are worth it. The Campus Service Day project at Shearn Elementary gave the chapter not only the opportunity to interact with educators in their community but also valuable time to bond with each other. "We meet every other week, but we don't have enough time to sit back afterward to get to know each other," says Taylor. "It was a great experience to get to know the people of the community and people in our organization who we don't always get to talk to." When the morning was over, the library was alive with snowfakes, gingerbread houses, and other Christmas-themed decorations, and the books were organized and ready for eager children to peruse them. The sense of excitement and the feeling of accomplishment were palpable among ASE members. As much as Taylor loved spending time at the school and connecting with her fellow students, for her, the biggest reward was the development of a greater appreciation of her future career. She was inspired by the teachers and staf members she observed giving up their weekends to help their students. "I realized that being a teacher is very selfess," she said. "It defnitely gave me a new perspective." Despite this new understanding of the challenges of her future profession, Taylor is unwavering in her commitment to education. "I think I'm up for it," she said. "I loved it." LONE STAR COLLEGE—CYFAIR Ofcers of the Lone Star College— CyFair ATPE chapter were inspired to arrange a Christmas group volunteer efort after seeing a video promoting the Jared Box Project, a service project in which volunteers assemble boxes of toys and other goods for hospitalized children. This fourishing ATPE chapter, known as Future Professional Educators (FPE), is heavily involved in several service projects, but this past winter marked their frst time volunteering with the Jared Box Project. Members prepared and decorated about 40 Jared Boxes that included toys, books, games, and other gifts for children. They then delivered these boxes, which flled up three whole cars, to their local hospital. continued on pg. 42 30 | atpe news

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