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members speak by Deann Lee, assistant superintendent, Millsap ISD | 31 spring 2016 PHOTO BY JOHN KILPPER Your Dreams Are Waiting I 'm not big on New Year's resolutions, but I feel strongly about goal-setting. In 2014, as I was ending my eight years of ATPE state leadership on the board and as an ofcer, I sought new goals. Knowing I would always be involved in ATPE but also realizing I would have time for fresh endeavors, I assessed where I was on life's journey of accomplishing my dreams. Age, experience, and (hopefully) maturity do strange things. Those of you who know me won't be surprised to hear that years ago I planned a timeline including the steps needed to get where I wanted to go. But, as I entered the last phase of my education career, I looked beyond my timeline and inventoried what truly fulflled me. Public education is about service and, repeating Robert Shaw's quote I used in my ATPE presidential speech nearly four years ago, "I WANT TO BE THOROUGHLY USED UP WHEN I DIE." My quest was to contribute in a district where kids are truly a priority and politics don't drive decisions. I left my home of 23 years to move across the state to a rural area where the pay is well below state average and the population of the district is triple that of the town in which it lies. As difcult as the transition was, I found the place where I could serve others with the knowledge gained in my 26 years of education. A year and a half later, I am even more convinced that it is only through the pursuit of our passions that we build up others and thus fnd our own fulfllment. So, what are your goals? To run for ATPE state ofce, earn another endorsement, or become an administrator? Follow your heart. Your dreams are waiting. Deann Lee is assistant superintendent for Millsap ISD. She was the 2012-13 ATPE state president and has been an ATPE member for 26 years. DO YOU HAVE A STORY TO SHARE? Send your Members Speak submissions to

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