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8 | atpe news education inspiration Use centers to help your students experiment with diferent science activities. This website features some engaging science center ideas. This clever "brain hemisphere hat" will help students learn the diferent parts of the brain and their functions. Make this activity even more engaging by having students color the hat themselves. Check out the rest of this website for additional fun brain-related activities. These cute animal and plant cell decorations will help make your classroom both lively and educational! To expand their understanding, have students create and label their own cells as well. FOR MORE CLASSROOM IDEAS, FOLLOW ATPE ON PINTEREST Teach your students about the importance of food safety and the prevalence of germs using this moldy bread experiment. Turn this into an opportunity to teach your students the scientifc method as well! You've come to the right place! In this new department, we'll be highlighting fun and inspiring educational activities found on social media. This issue focuses on science- themed activities. LOOKING FOR CLASSROOM INSPIRATION? 1 2 3 4

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