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38 | atpe news your atpe READER LETTER To Whom It May Concern: I was concerned when I read the latest edition of ATPE News section of "Education Inspiration" and the description of the bread mold pictures that describe it as "Teach your students about the importance of food safety and the prevalence of germs using this moldy bread experiment. Turn this into an opportunity to teach your students the scientifc method as well!" There are two problems with using the term "scientifc method." 1. There is no one scientifc method. There is a range of scientifc research designs that scientists use to answer their research questions. So the use of "scientifc method" is inconsistent with our national standards, K-12 Standards for Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards. 2. The use of "scientifc method" is inconsistent with our TEKS that clearly list and describe several most used types of investigations by student scientists: Descriptive, Comparative, or Experimental. Please put "the scientifc method" on your "watch list" for future publications. Thanks, Sandra (a member of the original ATPE in Pasadena) Sandra S. West, PhD Department of Biology Texas State University It's time to renew Don't forget to renew your ATPE membership NOW so that you can continue to enjoy all the benefts throughout the 2016-17 school year. Here are the membership categories and their annual dues. Professional Membership $145 First-Time Professional Membership $90 Associate Membership $70 Student Teacher Membership FREE College Student Membership FREE Retired Membership $10 Public Membership $35 CORRECTION: TO JOIN, GO TO ATPE.ORG/JOIN. In the Spring edition of ATPE News, we misspelled the name of Texas Woman's University. We regret the error.

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