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2016-17 ATPE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION STEP 1 Method of Payment (select one) Payroll deduction— Personal check— Complete application form and attach personal check All other forms of payment–Join online Including credit card payment, credit card installments, and ACH bank draft STEP 3 Membership Category (select one) & Invest in Education Student Teacher, College Student, Retired, and Public members may join online at 2016-17 Professional, First-Time Professional, and Associate memberships will not be accepted after Jan. 31, 2017 Mail the application to: ATPE 305 E. Huntland Dr., Ste. 300 Austin, TX 78752 Or hand deliver it to an authorized ATPE representative. Faxed or scanned applications are not accepted. How to Submit Your Application ATPE REPS Received Date Print Name Signature Professional (teacher, administrator, etc.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$145 First-Time Professional (never been a professional member) . . . . $90 Associate (para-educator, aide, support staf, etc.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . $70 Political Action Committee (optional) . . . . . . . . . . . . Support legislative advocacy for educators and students. ATPE Local Unit Dues (optional) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Support ATPE in your local school district. $ $ $ Invest in Education TOTAL 2016-17 Professional, First-Time Professional, and Associate memberships will not be accepted after Jan. 31, 2017 I authorize ISD to deduct membership dues and donations. I further authorize ATPE to notify the ISD of changes in the amount of my annual dues and the ISD to deduct the new amounts. If my employment with the ISD ends, I authorize any unpaid balance to be deducted from my fnal check. This authorization for deductions is efective until I give notice to the ISD that I want to revoke it. STEP 4 Payroll Deduction Authorization Total Deduction Last 4 digits of SSN Printed Name Signature Employee ID Date I wish to cancel deduction of membership dues for: TX AFT TCTA TSTA UEA Other MM | (800) 777-ATPE Complete this application form, including step 4 (not accepted after January 31, 2017) STEP 2 Personal Information I understand that ATPE may contact me via the information provided on this application form, including email and text, to communicate with me about my benefts and to administer my account. Birthday (month/day) Home phone (optional) Campus I am interested in becoming an ATPE volunteer. Name (frst, middle, last) Employee ID number ISD Cell phone (required) Personal email (required) Campus email (optional) Physical Mailing address City, State, Zip ▲ YOU MUST RETURN THE TOP SECTION OF THE APPLICATION TO THE ATPE STATE OFFICE. ▲ ▼ FOR PAYROLL DEDUCTION, PLEASE DETACH THE LOWER PORTION ONLY AND SUBMIT IT TO YOUR PAYROLL OFFICE. ▼ The ATPE membership year begins 8/1/16 and ends 7/31/17. Some benefts efective dates may not match efective membership dates. Visit for disclosure details and limitations. ✁ Last 4 digits of SSN ATPE member ID (optional) Male Female

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