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recipe for success 8 | atpe news by Heather O'Keefe Gardner W ith education funding decreasing every year, schools and teachers are being asked to do more and more with less money. In many schools, teachers use their own money to decorate their classrooms, buy supplies for their students, and purchase extras like magazine subscriptions, books, and educational software. These educators go above and beyond to ensure their students have as enriching an educational experience as possible. Now there's help. ATPE has joined forces with to provide money that teachers can use to enhance their classrooms.'s mission is to allow the public to address educational inequality by donating money to individual projects. To date, more than two million people have donated more than $400 million to projects on These donations have reached more than 17 million students, providing things like books, art supplies, computers, and robots. The process begins when a teacher sets up a project that he or she wants funded. Projects can be just about anything: subscriptions to magazines, books for the classroom library, robotics kits, computers, art supplies, new educational software, or feld trips. Once a project has been funded, purchases the items requested and sends them to the teacher. By negotiating directly with suppliers, is able to ensure the best possible prices. People who donate receive a letter from the teacher, a cost report detailing how their money was spent, and pictures of the items being used in the classroom. Donors who give $50 or more also receive notes from the students who beneftted from the project. ATPE Is a Matching Partner allows companies and organizations to create matching programs. ATPE is now a matching partner with When a member creates a project on and lists ATPE in either the project title or description, ATPE will match 50 percent of the project cost once the frst half of the funds have been donated. The total for each project cannot exceed $1,000, including fees. Each eligible ATPE member can seek matching funds for one project per school year. HOW IT WORKS Getting funding for your classroom project through and ATPE is easy. 1 Go to DonorsChoose. org and set up an account. The site will walk you through the whole process. 2 Identify yourself as an ATPE member by including "ATPE" in your project title or description. 3 Set your funding request amount. To qualify for this matching program, the total cost of your project cannot exceed $1,000, including fees. 4 Make sure your project meets the eligibility requirements set by 5 Spread the word. Once your project has been approved, let people know through emails and social media. Matching funds for your project will be applied once you have raised 50 percent of the total you requested. ATPE WILL CONTRIBUTE UP TO $500 FOR YOUR CLASSROOM

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