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ATPE NEWS 13 EDUCATION INSPIRATION DO YOU HAVE A CLASSROOM ACTIVITY TO SHARE? Send your photos to and you could be featured in Education Inspiration. 1 Photo courtesy of 2 Photo courtesy of 3 Photo courtesy of 4 Photo courtesy of 5 Photo courtesy of 6 Photo courtesy of 7 Photo courtesy of 8 Photo courtesy of Use this "gold tag" reward system to inspire good behavior in your students. To increase student interest, have them discuss and vote on the rules and punishments/rewards for different behaviors. 5 Help students stay on task with this reward system. Randomly pick two "lucky duck" stick winners after a designated chore is complete, and then determine if the students selected met your standards. 6 7 For younger kids, affix guides like these on your tables and chairs to help them learn where they should sit each time they come to your classroom. Use these "cool down ice cubes" to help students deal with anger. Each cube spurs students to learn and practice a different coping strategy. 8

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