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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE ATPE NEWS 3 ATPE is the preeminent public educator association in Texas and makes a difference in the lives of educators and schoolchildren. In partnership with all stakeholders, we are committed to providing every child an equal opportunity to receive an exemplary public education. THE ATPE VISION "My ATPE family may not be my blood relatives, but they're my chosen family, and that can be just as meaningful." I f you've been a member for as long as I have (22 years), you know ATPE is all about relationships. My ATPE family may not be my blood relatives, but they're my chosen family, and that can be just as meaningful. We can thank our large and committed crew of volunteers for that family feeling. They are our driving force. Everything they do centers on inviting new members to join, and there's no better way to bring in new members than by making a personal connection. Even as president, I still consider reaching out to potential new members my top priority. I want to keep expanding our family and help my fellow educators understand how ATPE can help them. When I'm out in public and I hear a group of education majors discussing their classes or a cluster of teachers bonding over classroom concerns, I always take a moment to introduce myself and ask, "Have you heard of ATPE?" To those of you who already volunteer and reach out to your fellow educators on a regular basis, thank you. There is no task too small. Everything you do helps us remain the ally of educators statewide, and the true voice of public education. For those of you who haven't gotten involved yet as volunteers, I encourage you to consider how you can help your fellow members. This year, our ATPE family members need you more than ever. But be warned: volunteering for ATPE is addictive. The more involved you get, the more involved you will want to be! Julleen Bottoms ATPE State President Photo by Kate Kuhlmann

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