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ATPE NEWS 35 FAMILY ALBUM REGIONS 1&2 Front row left to right: Matilde Guerra, Melba Cruz, and Angie Trevino. Back row left to right: Mary Best, ATPE Regional Rep Roger Gutierrez, and Melissa Deurioste. REGION 11 Texas Woman's University ATPE officers meet with chapter sponsors for a local unit meeting. REGION 7 Officers left to right: Teresa Millard, Janie Leath, Kim Dolese, Michelle Adams, and Betty Berndt. REGION 10 Officers left to right: Meredith Malloy, Wendy Smith, Wanda Bailey, Shane Huff, Debbie Massey, and Jerrica Pruitt. REGION 14 Officers left to right: Deirdre N. Toney, Desirie Ries, Tommie Hicks, and John Tyson (Leslie Ward not pictured). Photos by ATPE staff; Capri, Italy photo courtesy of Chris Douglas

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