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BRAIN BREAK ATPE NEWS 43 W elcome to the newest section in the magazine! Brain Break will feature games, quizzes, and fascinating factoids. Although a traditional crossword puzzle kicks off the inaugural edition, we've given our version an education twist! The answers are related to schooling in Texas or our association. Check your answers on the ATPE Blog at BrainBreak. To be entered into a drawing for an ATPE-branded 20-ounce stainless tumbler, snap a photo of your completed crossword puzzle and email it to by Oct. 3. So pull out your pencil, put on your thinking cap, and give it a whirl! 1 2 3 5 6 4 7 8 9 12 10 11 14 13 15 18 17 16 20 19 21 22 23 A C R O S S 4 ATPE's Professional Learning _____ offers free courses for CPE credit. 6 Clarifies how students will be students Clarifies how students will be will be assessed on an assignment. n assessed on an assignment. assignment. 8 ATPE state president. esident. ATPE state president. 11 _________ learning combines rning combines traditional classroom instruction ssroom traditional classroom instruction instruction with online activities. tivities. with online activities. 12 _________ Album is a section in bum _________ Album is a section in is a section in this magazine featuring photos featuring photos of members. 14 Try not to trip on this item full on this item full of books and papers. papers. of books and papers. 15 Texas state agency responsible gency Texas state agency responsible responsible for public education. cation. 16 He or she is in the classroom n He or she is in the classroom the classroom when you are not. not. 17 Subjects and content to content Subjects and content to to be taught. 18 _________ Central is ATPEĀ“s online resource for leaders. 19 A _________ school is a public school with a focused theme and aligned curriculum. 20 ATPE and _________ Choose. org provide funding to enhance classrooms. 21 Provides retirement benefits to Texas public school employees. 22 Oversees the certification of public school educators. 23 ATPE's epic lip-sync battle takes place during this event. D O W N 1 The ATPE _________ Membership Challenge encourages new member recruitment. 2 _________ is ATPE's advocacy website. 3 Texas Commissioner of Education. 5 Location of ATPE's state office. 7 ATPE members meet with lawmakers during this event. 9 You're sure to find a Bunsen burner here. 10 Lockable compartment that often contains a mirror and photos. 11 Level of student achievement expected at particular ages or grades. 13 High-energy gathering held before a sporting event. 16 When these end, everyone leaves campus for a break. 17 Colorful sticks that kids often try to eat instead of use for art. 19 The eagle is a popular choice for this.

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