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6 ATPE NEWS I f you're lucky, there are at least a few times in your career when there's a bit of magic in the making. All the right staff members are in place, every- one's feeling a creative vibe, and you feel empowered and supported as you prepare to conquer any challenge that comes your way. I'm lucky. Every day, I get to lead a market- ing and communications department staffed with talented, enthusiastic people who are dedicated to their profession. They're willing to embrace tradition when it counts, and yet always remain open and excited about new ideas. Their brain power and optimism never fails to impress me. Our most recent challenge was a makeover for ATPE News. While parents were busy shopping for school supplies and kiddos were fretting about their new, back-to-school look, our team was putting the finishing touches on fresh new look for ATPE News. A special shout out goes to John Kilpper, our art director, and Erica Fos, our senior graphic designer, for the time and thought they put into this project. What's new in this redesigned magazine? Well, we've made it "fun-sized," and it's now easier to skim with a new typeface and subheadings to break up longer articles (thanks to the Public Information Committee's suggestions!). We're also regularly showcas- ing our members' hard work and success stories. More than ever before, members are contributing articles and are being featured in the pages of the magazine. On a daily basis, our creative team juggles responsibilities for writing, photographing, and designing the magazine, scripting and producing new video projects, updating blogs and other content on the website, designing and printing membership materials, sharing the latest news and fun facts in social media, managing advertising, and supporting the ATPE Summit. We do it because of you. And we do it to ensure that ATPE truly remains your ally and your voice for years to come. Brand New School Year, Brand New Look A message from Elaine Acker, ATPE's marketing and communications director P.S. Do you have a story idea for our blogs or the magazine? We'd love to hear from you! It's more challenging than you might think to set up interviews and get permission to take photos of our members with the kids on campus. Thanks for your help! Sincerely yours, Elaine Acker The marketing and communications team. Pictured from left to right: Erica Fos, Leslie Trahan, Tariq Khan, Elaine Acker, Jean Schlitzkus, Stephanie Jacksis, John Kilpper

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