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FEEDBACK ATPE NEWS 7 Thank you for your note, and for being attuned to the issue of diversity. One of our biggest challenges is finding students who can be photographed. We need written permissions from parents, and it's much more difficult to set up photos than most people would imagine. In this case, we found a group of students who already had parents willing to quickly sign release forms, and we had a photographer in the area working on the membership campaign. We were eager to take advantage of this opportunity. We had no way of knowing before we arrived that this particular team did not include girls or students of color. I think if you look back over the last several issues of the maga- zine, you'll find that an all-White male photo—not just on the cov- er, but in every part of the mag- azine—almost never happens. We regularly feature women and people of color (and we try to be very conscious of diversity in all its forms—geography, age, job title, etc.). Because we have a small staff and it's expensive to travel to every location, we often rely on our members to help us get into schools, find appropriate subjects, identify students, and even take photos on occasion. Member sup- port helps us tell the stories that matter for Texas public schools, while maintaining our commit- ment to showing the diversity of our state's students and educators. Thanks again for reaching out, and please let me know if you have other questions or concerns. Dear Katherine, I recently received my Summer 2016 ATPE News. While I am excit- ed to see scientific academics fea- tured on the cover, I am disappoint- ed to see what appear to be White males only, signifying that women and people of color are incapable of participating in and achieving suc- cess in the sciences. Because the ATPE Communications Depart- ment usually does such a good job representing our state's diversity, that photo contrasted starkly with the images I usually see in ATPE publications. I hope there will be follow-up cover images and arti- cles that more accurately depict the diversity on robotics teams in Texas public schools and that do not ignore the participation of women and people of color in science and engineering. Thank you for your consideration. Dear Editor, Sincerely, Katherine P. Whitbeck Journalism Teacher Nacogdoches High School DO YOU HAVE FEEDBACK FOR ATPE NEWS? Send letters to Elaine Acker Director of Marketing and Communications ATPE Once you've read this issue of ATPE News, why not share it with fellow educators? It's a great way to introduce the benefits of being an ATPE member to your colleagues on campus. Leave me in the STAFF LOUNGE!

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