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MYTH #1 PAC DOLLARS ONLY GO TO ONE PARTY. We are bipartisan. We don't favor one political party over another. We support both Republicans and Democrats. MYTH #2 ATPE-PAC IS FUNDED BY ATPE MEMBERSHIP DUES. By law, your ATPE membership dues dollars can't be used to fund ATPE-PAC, which is why we rely on individual, voluntary donations. MYTH #3 DONORS ARE REQUIRED TO MAKE LARGE CONTRIBUTIONS. There's no minimum contribution amount. The amount you give is completely up to you. You can make a one-time online contribution using a debit or credit card, or set up monthly or quarterly ATPE-PAC donations of as little as $5. 3 MYTHS ABOUT CONTRIBUTING TO ATPE-PAC INVEST IN PUBLIC EDUCATION BY CONTRIBUTING TO ATPE-PAC You can make a meaningful impact by investing in a fund that ensures that quality public education and your professional interests are protected. ATPE NEWS 17 WHY should you help? Because we need to ensure that those in office are fighting for quality educational standards and protecting your professional interests. We are facing a barrage of attacks on public education this legislative session—from efforts to divert your hard-earned tax dollars to private schools with little or no accountability to bills that threaten associations like ATPE by eliminating your right to pay for membership dues via payroll deduction. HOW can you help? Your voluntary donations to the ATPE Political Action Committee (ATPE-PAC) are used to make bipartisan contributions to officeholders/candidates who support public education and ATPE's philosophies. WHEN should you help? Now is a critical time to donate. Our annual PAC's Peak Challenge goal is to raise $25,000 for ATPE-PAC by May 1. The election season will soon be here and it's essential that we have a healthy fund. IT'S MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER TO SUPPORT OFFICEHOLDERS AND CANDIDATES WHO SUPPORT PUBLIC EDUCATION. DONATE TODAY at ATPE-PAC solicits donations only from ATPE members, employees, and their families.

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