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Association of Texas Professional Educators 305 E. Huntland Dr., Ste. 300 Austin, TX 78752-3792 The Texas legislature is considering two anti-educator bills. Supporters of these bills say their goal is to keep government out of the business of collecting union dues, but in truth, they are designed to silence your voice. ELIMINATING PAYROLL DEDUCTION IS THE FIRST STEP TO SILENCING TEXAS EDUCATORS. These bills unfairly target educators. Both bills let the government continue to process payroll deductions for fire, police, and EMS unions. These bills are unnecessary. Public school employees cannot be required to join a union or association, and payroll deduction is completely voluntary. Payroll deduction does not cost taxpayers money. Districts can pass costs on to the members' organization, so there is no cost to taxpayers—or the district. Why won't you be allowed to use payroll deduction, but other public employees will? Because the legislature wants to make it harder for educators to band together and speak up for their profession and their students. Backers of these bills believe that eliminating the easiest way for educators to pay their association dues will reduce our numbers and weaken our voice. DON'T LET THEM WIN! Speak up NOW to make sure groups like ATPE that fight for Texas schools, teachers, and students continue to thrive. Visit to find and contact your legislator. (Members must be logged in to access this page.) ATPE.ORG/ADVOCACY-CENTRAL

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