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WHAT GOES ON WHILE THE LEGISLATURE IS AT REST? I served on the Educator Prep Advisory committee for the TEA. We discussed a multitude of issues that impact teacher preparation programs. It was interesting to talk about licensure and how many times one can take the certification tests. We also discussed how rigorous programs at universities and alternative programs can be. We talked about what can be done to recruit more qualified field mentors at the university and at district levels. I was excited to see the TEA board and commissioner take into account several of the actions we decided on!" —CASEY HUBBARD, COPPELL ATPE SES SION TO SES SION 16 ATPE NEWS FROM E very two years, the Texas legislature meets for a few brief months to make decisions that affect educators for the next two school years. These months bring a flurry of activity and information—committee meetings, hearings, public testimony, blog posts, urgent alerts—and then the session dies down and we wait to see how the laws passed will affect us. But wait…there's more! Did you know that the time between sessions is chock- full of rulemaking and information gathering? Lawmakers and advocates (including your own ATPE lobbyists) work hard between sessions both to prepare for the next legislative session and to clarify details of the laws that have recently been passed. As a public education advocate, you, too, have a big role to fill between sessions!

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